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Grade 3 Index
Grade 3 Topic Index

The index is arranged on a topic-by-topic structure, rather than a separate index for each textbook. The reason is that many of the topics are either identical or, at the very least, significant overlap with each other. For that reason, it is more effective to amalgamate the textbooks' various topics together.
  • Hello, I'm Jinu
  • What's this? / Oh, it's a ball!
  • Sit down, please
  • How many apples?
  • I have a pencil / Do you have a ruler?
  • What color is it?
  • I like chicken
  • It's very tall
  • I can swim / Can you skate?
  • She's my Mom
  • How's the weather? / Look! It's snowing
  • How old are you? / I'm 10 years' old
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